AW-Lake FAC-1-5873401 Frequency to Analog Converter

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AW-Lake FAC-1-5873401 Frequency to Analog Converter

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    Product Description

    Multi-Purpose Panel Tachometer

    Set-up data is easily entered via front panel keys and is not lost during power failures
    Accepts various modules; works with a variety of sensors

    The AW-Lake FAC-1 Frequency to Analog Converter is used to convert frequency inputs from speed sensors into a linear analog signal. The output signal can be set for the typical test and control ranges of 0 – 20 mA, 4 – 20 mA or 0 – 10 V. All configuration is performed via supplied software or can be pre-configured by factory upon order.

    Optimized for control and monitoring applications in drive, system and process engineering, the FAC-1 converter can convert a wide variety of signals from rotational speed sensors, rotary pulse encoders or proximity switches. It can process NPN, PNP, push-pull or TTL outputs, as well as sine wave signals from tacho generators and passive sensors. The normalized signal provided by the FAC-1 converter means it can be easily connected to PC or SPS controllers, recorders or indicators.


    • Analog Output Signal is user slected between 0–20 mA, 4–20 mA or 0– 10V DC
    • Powered by 18 - 32V DC
    • 12 bit signal A-to-D resolution
    • Measuring time and period count is User-set to optimize for each application
    • Excellent linearity, high temperature stability and long-term stability
    • Setup can be factory set at time of order or configured using supplied PC software
    • DIN-Rail mount enclosure for easy installation
    • Galvanic Isolation between power input and signal output for trouble-free operation
    • CE and GL Certified


    Resolution12 bit 
    Linearity± 0.1% 
    Zero Alignment0.01 mA (0(4) ... 20 mA) 
    Temperature coefficient0.05% (10K) 
    Long-term Stability0.1% (p.A.) 
    Power Supply18 - 32 VDC 
    Operating Temperature-20°C - +60°C 
    Storage Temperature-25°C - +85°C 
    HousingGlass fibre reinforced plastic: polycarbonat 
    Dimensions1.6in x 2.7in x 6.3in (WxHxD) 
    Protection CodeIP20 
    Weight0.5 lbs 
    StandardsDeclaration of Conformity acc. EC-Rule 89/336 EWG (CE-Sign) EMC-Immunity acc. DIN EN 50082-1:1992-01;Part 2 and DIN EN 50082-2:1996-02; Part 2
    EMC-Emmision acc. EN 55011:1992-07
    GL-Approval(germanischer Lloyd 1993) 
    Signal Input 
    Frequency Range0 - 18 Hz 
    SignalSeparated by optocoupler 
    Internal resistor2.2k Ohm 
    Current (on)IF = 1.0 mA Ue > 4VDC 
    Current (off)IF = 0.2 mA Ue < 1VDC 
    VoltageUe(ma) ±32 VDC 
    Signal typesNPN-, PNP-type speed sensor, encoder or proximity switches
    Magnetic pic-upp sinus signal
    Generator sinus or rectangle signal 
    Output Types0 - 20 mA (Load max 500 Ohm)
    4 - 20 ma (Load max 500 Ohm)
    0 - 10 VDC (Current max 30 mA) 
    Output Rate+17 ms

    lineStandard Output signalline

    The output signal is user-set via PC software to fit the respective measuring job. The output is then scaled to the MIN and MAX frequency range set in the paramters (see below). After programming an additional final adjustment of +/-10% can be done via the front panel

    • User-Set Parameters
    • Output: 0...20mA or 4...20mA or 0...10VDC
    • Max. Frequency: 25...18.000Hz
    • Min. Frequency: 0...50% of max. frequency in Hz
    • Period Count: 1...254 impulses per revolution
    • Max. Measuring time: 100...5000ms
    • Time Constant T1: 0...5000ms


    FAC-1 Frequency to Analog Converter - Declaration
    FAC-1 Frequency to Analog Converter - Instruction Manual
    FAC-1 Frequency to Analog Converter - Certificate

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