Portable MPI Yoke Inspection Kits

Western produces a great number of Portable MPI Yoke Kits, that in the past have been specified by seasoned Magnetic Particle Inspector Technicians. Western's Yoke Kits are based on either Dry or Wet (Visible or Fluorescent) Magnetic Particle Inspection Media.

Western offers more than 15 models of Yokes, that can be paired with any of our many styles of Kits. Don't let the choices confuse you, as our in-house staff or distributors can help you with your selection. We can also design and build a Kit just for you in a custom Carrying Case.

Western Instruments' Yokes are offered in a wide variety of configurations, more than any other manufacturer of Portable Yoke Kits. No matter the need, Western's Kits are offered in Dry Method, Wet Visible Method (Black or White), or Wet Fluorescent Method. The End User simply chooses his Yoke, and his model of Kit, and they arrive in the same custom Carrying Case.

Western's Manual for its Kits is second to none, and is currently 12 pages in length. One of our most popular Kits, due to the popularity of LED UV Flash Lights, is our W-SWF Kit. This Self Contained Wet Fluorescent Kit is packaged in a custom Carrying Case. When equipped with a WC-9 (Cordless Yoke), the operator can perform Wet Fluorescent Inspections completely independently.