Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges are measuring instruments for the non-destructive investigation of a material's thickness using ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic  Thickness Gages accurately measure wall thickness and corrosion of all metals, including steel and aluminum, plastic, ceramics and others.

We offer TI-25LT Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, PosiTector UTG Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gages, TI-45N Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, TI-45N Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, and much more. For a complete list of features and accessories, please check all our Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges models below. If you are having difficulties finding the product you need, feel free to contact us and a product specialist will be happy to assist you finding a quality Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge that fits at a great price!