DMS485 Handheld Digital Tension Indicator

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DMS485 Handheld Digital Tension Indicator

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    Product Description

    Digital tension indicator with digital display

    Automatic zero setting

    The DMS485 is a battery-powered hand-held digital tension indicator designed for use with all strain-gauge based hand-held tension sensors including model CBM (CableBull) and others. The DMS485 features a 3-1/2 digit LCD display along with convenient slide switches for easy operation. Features include Auto-Zero, Hold and Averaging Mode providing the flexibility to meet a wide variert of tension measuring tasks.

    The combination of portability and functionality makes the Digitens DMS485 and excellent choice for use with strain-gauge based hand-held tension sensors


    • Convenient one-hand operation
    • Tension values can scaled to a wide variety of engineering units
    • Automatic zero setting and Hold function with slide-switch
    • Maximum value display with high speed peak value capture for acquisition of short interval tension peaks
    • Battery status indicator
    • Averaging Mode (0.5 sec interval)
    • High-contrast, easy-to-read 13 mm LCD display
    • Battery Life of at least 12 hours with standard alkaline 9V / 400mAh disposable battery
    • Model with rechargeable batteries also available
    • For use with all strain-gauge based tension sensor (Impedance of 350 Ohms or higher)
    • Optional Analog Output for recording/datalogging purposes (10mV / display digit)
    • Operating Temperature Range of -4°C up to 158°F (-20°C up to 70°C)


    The measuring amplifier DMS485 is provided with a digital display. The analog signals of the connected sensor are digitized for that purpose. For analog / digital conversion an integrating measuring method averaging over 0.5 seconds is used. The dynamic parts of the tension signal - its amplitude and frequency of occurrence - are not displayed because of the generation of mean value.

    In many processes, e.g.

    • spinning
    • weaving
    • texturizing etc

    especially the dynamic parts, e.g. the tension peaks and their frequency of occurrence, are important information.

    The additional display DynGraph - based on LED-technology - works without delay and shows correct amplitudes up to high frequencies. It offers - additional to the quasi static mean value of the digital display - the information on the dynamic.

    examplary graphic: sensor 100cN, pulse frequency 150Hz


    Analog Output
    • output signal 10 mV / display digit
    • max. output signal 0-500 digit => 0-5V


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