DeFelsko UTGCX3-E Positector UTG CX3 Standard Ultrasonic Thickness Gage with Xtreme Corrosion Probe

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DeFelsko UTGCX3-E Positector UTG CX3 Standard Ultrasonic Thickness Gage with PRBUTGCX-C Xtreme Corrosion Probe, 5 MHz Dual Element
Measuring Range: 0.040" - 5.000" (1.00 - 125 mm)

Measures the wall thickness of materials such as steel, plastic and more using ultrasonic technology. Ideal for measuring the effects of corrosion or erosion on tanks, pipes or any structure where access is limited to one side. Multiple echo (UTG M) Thru-Paint models measure the metal thickness of a painted structure without having to remove the coating.

  • Precision ultrasonic transducers provide fast, accurate readings
  • Solvent, acid, oil, water, and dust resistant – weatherproof
  • Pre-programmed velocities – Simply select from a list of common materials or enter your own with ease
  • Min Scan - Measurement rate of up to 20 readings per second with onscreen min and max for quick inspection over a large area
  • PosiTector interchangeable platform – attach any PosiTector probe to a single gage body
  • USB, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity to PosiSoft PC, Mac, and Smartphone software

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  • Large, easy-to-read, graphics LCD
  • Pre-programmed velocities – Simply select from a list of common materials or enter your own with ease
  • Smart Couple™ – Eliminates inadvertent decoupling - ideal for analyzing large areas using multiple passes
  • Enhanced one-handed menu navigation
  • Flashing display — ideal in a noisy environment
  • RESET feature instantly restores factory settings


  • Braided stainless steel cable and heavy-duty strain reliefs for demanding applications (PosiTector UTG CX only)
  • Impact resistant lens
  • Wear-resistant probe tip
  • Shock-absorbing, protective rubber holster with belt clip
  • Two year warranty on gage body AND probe


  • Precision ultrasonic transducers provide fast, accurate readings
  • Certificate of Calibration (Long Form) showing traceability to NIST included
  • Conforms to national and international standards including ASTM E797
  • Built-in temperature compensation ensures measurement accuracy


  • High contrast LCD with backlit display
  • Single or two point adjustment
  • Inch/mm switchable
  • Selectable display languages
  • Flip display enables right-side-up viewing
  • Uses alkaline or rechargeable batteries (built-in charger)


  • Min Scan - measurement rate of up to 20 readings per second with onscreen min and max for quick inspection over a large area
  • Statistics Mode continually displays/updates average, standard deviation, min/max thickness and number of readings while measuring
  • HiLo alarm audibly and visibly alerts when measurements exceed user-specified limits
  • Sealed USB Port for fast, simple connection to a PC and to supply continuous power. USB cable included
  • Software Updates via web keep your gage current
  • Screen Capture – record and save image into USB flash memory for record keeping and review
  • Software Solutions for viewing, analyzing & reporting data
  • Every stored measurement is date and time stamped


Advanced Models

Includes ALL features as shown on left plus

Storage of 100,000 readings in up to 1,000 batches

  • A-Scan with adjustable Gain and screen capture
  • B-Scan—displays a cross sectional profile of the test material
  • Real-time graphing, picture prompting and batch notes
  • Onscreen Batch Annotation—add notes, change batch names and more with built-in QWERTY keyboard
  • WiFi technology wirelessly synchronizes with and downloads software updates
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Technology for data transfer to a mobile device running the PosiTector App or optional portable printer. BLE API available for integration into third-party software.
  • Integrate with third-party software, drones, ROVs, PLCs, and robotic devices using several industry-standard communication protocols
Probe Type
5 MHz Dual Element5 MHz Dual Element5 MHz Contact
Thru-Paint Capability (Multiple Echo)
Measurement Range* - Single Echo
0.040" to 5.000"
1.00 to 125.00 mm
0.040" to 5.000"
1.00 to 125.00 mm
0.100" to 5.000"
2.50 to 125.00 mm
Measurement Range* - Multiple Echo
NANA0.100" to 2.500"
2.50 to 60.00 mm
± 0.001"
± 0.03 mm
± 0.001"
± 0.03 mm
± 0.001"
± 0.03 mm


PosiSoft Desktop

Powerful desktop software for downloading, viewing, printing and storing measurement data. No internet connection required.

  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Import readings directly from the gage via USB or from legacy PosiSoft desktop versions
  • Synchronize measurement data including readings, notes and pictures to and from

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PosiSoft Custom

Easily create reports from your measurement data in seconds

Generate custom, professional PDF reports

Include inspection information such as on-site pictures, screen captures, notes and more to communicate important details

Create and save multiple custom layouts as templates – insert cover pages, add logos/images, and select font and point size

Select the information to include for each product type – charts, histograms, readings, time stamps and more

Compile multi-batch reports from one or more probes and instrument types

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lineA Scanline

Color Model (3) Only. A display in which the received pulse amplitude is represented along y axis and the travel distance of the ultrasonic pulse is represented along the x axis.

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lineB Scanline

Color Model (3) Only. A display in which a cross sectional profile of the test material is represented.

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lineComplete Kitline

All gages come complete with body and probe, couplant, protective rubber holster with belt clip, wrist strap, 3 AAA alkaline batteries, instructions, nylon carrying case with shoulder strap, protective lens shield, Long Form Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST, USB cable, PosiSoft Software, two (2) year warranty.

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DeFelsko PosiTector UTG Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge - Data Sheet
DeFelsko PosiTector UTG Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge- Instruction Manual

lineF.A.Q. line

Do your instruments require any formal training for use? Do you offer ‘demo’ models?

No. Our instruments are designed for simple operation, feature easy-to-use menus, both full and quick instruction manuals, and helpful videos. In lieu of demonstration models, we provide unlimited technical support via telephone and/or email, and a limited 30-day money back guarantee.

Is the PosiTector UTG calibrated at the factory?

The PosiTector UTG arrives fully calibrated and ready to measure. A Long-Form Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST is included, which documents actual readings taken by your instrument at our calibration laboratory on standards traceable to a national metrology institute. Beware of ‘Certificates’ or ‘Certificates of Conformance’ offered by competitors. These typically do not include actual instrument readings, and are often insufficient to meet common quality equirements.

Verification of gage calibration and accuracy can be performed with the accessory Certified Step Block. If necessary, the PosiTector UTG operator can easily perform a calibration adjustment to align the gage’s thickness readings to match that of a known reference sample.

Can I measure the thickness of non-metallic materials like plastic and rubber with the PosiTector UTG?

Yes! The PosiTector UTG features several preprogrammed sound velocities for common materials. For best accuracy, make a simple adjustment to a known sample thickness of the material or quickly enter the material’s sound velocity into the gage. The PosiTector UTG C can be adjusted to a broad range of sound velocities spanning from 0.0492 to 0.393 mils/µs (1250 to 10000 m/s).

Can the PosiTector UTG measure cast/ductile iron or cast aluminum?

Our PosiTector UTG ultrasonic wall thickness instruments are designed to accurately measure the wall thickness of carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic.

PosiTector UTG probes utilize a 5MHz transducer. Like other UT (ultrasonic wall thickness) gages utilizing a 5MHz transducer, the PosiTector UTG is challenged to provide reliable wall thickness measurements on cast metals including iron, aluminum and zinc. The internal structure of the cast metal typically interferes with the transmission of a 5MHz sound impulse causing the gage to yield inaccurate thickness readings.

What is the difference between the PosiTector UTG C and PosiTector UTG M?

The PosiTector UTG C (Corrosion) single echo probe uses a dual-element transducer, a focused “V-path”, and V-path compensation to accurately measure the thickness of metals with particularly heavy corrosion or pitting. The UTG C single echo probe will not ignore the thickness of the exterior coating: for best measurement accuracy, it may be necessary to remove any coating present at the point of measurement.

The PosiTector UTG M (Multi-echo) probe uses a single element transducer to accurately measure the metal thickness of a new or lightly corroded structure while ignoring the thickness of protective coatings. The ultrasonic beam travels in a straight path to the material’s back wall at 90° relative to the surface. When three consecutive back wall echoes are detected, the probe makes a time-based calculation to eliminate the coating thickness from the gage reading.

If there is paint on the surface and it can’t be removed, can the PosiTector UTG C be used?

Yes, but coatings such as paint have a slower sound velocity than metal. This means that coating ‘appears’ much thicker to the instrument than it actually is, and can substantially affect the reading. Using Thru-Paint technology, the PosiTector UTG M multi-echo probe disregards the exterior coating thickness on a painted metal structure and reports only the metal thickness.

Can the UTG measure the thickness of materials with heavy corrosion on the back/inside?

The PosiTector UTG C (Corrosion) is a proven solution for measuring the thickness of metal structures with pitting and/or moderate-to-severe corrosion on the back wall.

How often should the PosiTector probe be recalibrated?

PosiTector probes include a Certificate of Calibration with no expiry or end date. They have no shelf life, therefore the length of time in the field is not a good indicator for recalibration intervals. Many organizations with quality programs and recertification programs require annual recalibrations, and this is a good starting point for most users. Manufacturers recommend that customers establish calibration intervals based upon their own experience and work environment. Based on our product knowledge, data and customer feedback, a one year calibration interval from the date the instrument was placed in service is a good starting point.

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