PenTest Magnetic Pull-Off Coating Thickness Gauge

Price $ 245.00
Measuring Range: 25 - 700 ?m / 1 - 30 mils
Simple device to measure paint on steel

The PenTest magnetic pull-off coating thickness gauge operates according to the magnetic attraction principle for non-destructive, quick and easy measurement on coatings such as paint, plastics, enamel on steel.

Featuring a patented HOLD mechanism, the PenTest gauge keeps the thickness indicator in place for easy reading. The HOLD mechanism can be used as a “memory” for the last reading. Applications include quick-check measurements on steel constructions, painted steel panels and all kinds of steel substrates. Measuring principle according to DIN EN ISO 2178. No batteries or other power supply required.


  • Simple device to measure paint on steel
  • Colored coded zones for quick go/no-go quality assessment
  • Doesn't require power source

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Magnetic Coating Thickness Gauge


Measuring Range25 - 700 ?m / 1 - 30 mils
Minimum measuring area25 mm / 1in dia.
Accuracy± 10% of reading
Dimensions151 mm / 6in length, 10 mm dia.
Temperature Range-10 - + 80°C

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