Dakota Ultrasonics DFX-8 Flaw Detector and Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Price: $ 4,850.00
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector & Thickness Gauge
With Sizing Toolkits: DAC, AWS, TCG, DGS
4gb of internal memory

The powerful new Dakota DFX-8 combination Flaw Detector + Thickness Gauge is ideal for a wide range of measurement applications. The DFX-8 features a large QVGA display with 60 Hz refresh rate. For flaw professionals it includes DAC, AWS, TCG, DGS sizing toolkits. When functioning as a thickness gauge it can measure in Pulse-Echo, Echo-Echo and other advanced modes for accurate measurements on coated and uncoated materials.

The DFX-8 has 4gb of internal memory to store readings in Grid or Sequential data formats. Data can be acquired via USB or SD card.

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Flaw Detector

  • Sizing Toolkits: DAC, AWS, TCG, DGS.
  • Exceptional visibility in sunlight (Blanview) transmissive color QVGA display (320x240 pixels).
  • P.R.F. - 8 Hz to 2 kHz, adjustable.
  • Screen Refresh Rate: 60 Hz.
  • Detection: Z-Cross, Flank & Peak.

Thickness Gauge

  • Automatic: probe zero, probe recognition, and Temperature compensation.
  • Measurement: Variety of modes to address a number of applications.
  • Large data storage with multiple formats: Alpha numeric grid and sequential w/auto identifier.
  • Li-Ion pack up to 18 hrs, emergency backup 6 AA cells up to 12 hrs.
  • Windows PC interface software included.
  • 2 year warranty.

Flaw Detector Features

  • TRIG: Trigonometric display of beam path, depth, surface distance, and curved surface correction. Used with angle beam transducers.
  • DAC: Up to 8 points may be entered and used to digitally draw a DAC curve. Reference -2, -6, -10, (-6/-12), (-6/-14), (-2/-6/-10) dB. Amplitude displayed in %DAC, dB, or %FSH.
  • AWS: Automatic defect sizing in accordance with AWS D1.1 structural welding code.
  • AVG/DGS: Automatic defect sizing using probe data. Stores up to 64 custom setups.
  • TCG: Time corrected gain. 50 dB dynamic range, 20 dB per microsecond, up to 8 points for curve definition. Measurement Mode: Pulse-Echo (P-E) measures from 0.025 in to 100 ft. (0.63mm to 3048 cm).
  • Auto-Cal: Provides automatic calibration with two reference points.
  • Detection Modes: Zero Crossing, Flank and Peak.
  • Display Freeze: Holds current waveform on screen.
  • Peak Memory: Captures peak signal amplitude.
  • Auto Interface Gate - DFX-8+ Automatic adjustment of interface gate for immersion testing (water path).

Thickness Gauge Features

  • Measurement Modes (Dual Element):
    • Pulse-Echo Mode (P-E) - (Pit & Flaw Detection) measures from 0.025 in to 100 ft. (0.63mm to 3048 cm).
    • Pulse-Echo Coating Mode (PECT) - (Material, Coating, Pit & Flaw Detection): Material: 0.025 in to 100 ft. (0.63mm to 3048 cm). Coating: 0.001 to 0.100 inches (0.01 to 2.54 millimeters).
    • Pulse-Echo Temp Comp Mode (PETP) - (Pit & Flaw Detection) Auto temperature compensation -measures from 0.025 in to 100 ft. (0.63 mm to 3048 cm).
    • Echo-Echo Mode (E-E) - (Thru Paint & Coatings) measures from 0.050 to 4.0 inches (1.27 to 102 millimeters). Will vary based on coating.
    • Echo-Echo Verify (E-EV) - (Thru Paint & Coatings) measures from 0.050 to 1.0 inches (1.27 to 25.4 millimeters). Will vary based on coating.
    • Coating Only Mode (CT) - (Coating Thickness) Measures from 0.0005 to 0.100 inches (0.0127 to 2.54 millimeters). Range will vary +/- depending on the coating. One and two point calibration option for material & coating, or selection of basic material types.
  • Auto probe zero, recognition and temperature compensation.
  • High speed scan up to 50 readings per second.
  • Audible alarm with hi/lo limits.
  • Built-in differential mode for QC inspections.
  • 64 custom setup configurations.


  • Delay line: High Frequency single element delay line style for precision testing of thin materials.
  • Pencil: High Frequency single element delay line style for testing of materials in tight access areas and difficult geometries.
  • Contact: Single element contact style for general purpose longitudinal & Shear wave flaw detection.
  • Dual: Pitch/Catch dual element style for longitudinal & Shear wave corrosion inspections.


  • Thickness Gauge: Factory calibration traceable to NIST& MIL-STD-45662A.
  • Flaw Detector: EN12668-1 compliant.
  • Warranty: 2 year limited
  • CE Certified


Size8.5W x 6.5H x 2.5D in (216 x 165 x 70mm)
Weight4.5 lbs (2.04 kgs), with batteries
CaseExtruded aluminum body with nickel plated aluminum end caps (gasket sealed).
DisplayBlanview sunlight readable QVGA TFT color display (320 x 240 pixels). Viewable area 4.54 x 3.40 in (115.2 x 86.4 mm), or 5.7 in (144.78 mm) diagonal. 16 color pallete, multiple color options and variable brightness.
Screen Refresh Rate60Hz
Display ViewsFlaw Detector: Full wave, +/- Rectified, or RF. Thickness Gauge: Digits, +/- Rectified, RF, or B-Scan
TimingPrecision TCXO timing with single shot 100 MHz 8 bit ultra low power digitizer
Measurement GatesTwo independent gates (Flaw), and three gates (thickness). Start & width adjustable over full range. Amplitude 5-95%, 1% steps. Positive or negative triggering for each gate with audible and visual alarms.
Operating Temperature14 to 140F (-10C to 60C)
EnvironmentalMeets IP65 requirements
Pulser TypeDFX-8 Two adjustable square wave pulsers.
DFX-8+ Two tone burst pulsers.
P.R.F.8 to 2000Hz in selectable steps (8, 16, 32, 66, 125, 250, 333, 1000, 2000 Hz).
Pulser VoltageDFX-8 100 - 200 volt peak amplitude, rise/fall time < 10ns into 50ohm. DFX-8+ 100 - 400v.
Pulse Width40 to 400 ns. Selectable step options 40, 80 & 400 ns (labeled spike, thin & wide).
Gain0 to 110dB with 0.2dB resolution. Manual and AGC control.
Damping50, 75, 100, 300, 600, & 1500 ohms.
Frequency BandsDFX-8 & DFX-8+ Broadband 1.8 - 19 MHz (-3dB). Four narrow bands at 1MHz, 2MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz. DFX-8+ Additional narrow bands at .5MHz, 15MHz.
Horizontal Linearity+/- 0.4% FSW
Vertical Linearity+/- 1% FSH
Amplifier Linearity+/- 1 dB
Amplitude Measurement0 to 100% FSH, with 1% resolution
Delay0 - 999in (25,375mm) at steel velocity.
Lithium Ion Pack10.8v, 2 amp hrs, typical operation 18hrs
Battery BackupEmergency battery backup. Six 1.5V alkaline, 1.2V AA Nicad cells, 1.2V AA NI-MH, or other other equivalent power source. Battery life (continuous use): Alkaline (12 hrs), Nicad (5hrs), and NI-MH (12hrs), with default settings.
USBDirect USB 1.1 PC connectivity.
Power Connector12v @ 2amps, adapter 100-240 VAC, .7 Amps, 50-60 Hz.
5 Pin Lemo (includes):RS232Output: RS232 PC serial interface. DFX-8+ For use with B-Scan encoders (crawlers).

Alarm Outputs: Two independent alarm outputs triggered by the gates.

Analog Out: DFX-8+ Proportional outputs (amplitude or distance), 0-10 volts.

Transducer Connectors: Two LEMO 00 connectors.

Automatic CalibrationLongitudinal (straight), or Shear (angle).
Probe TypesSingle Contact, Dual, Delay, and Angle
UnitsEnglish (in), Metric (mm), or Time (us).
Velocity0.0100 to .6300 in/us (256 - 16,000 m/s).
Test Range0 to 0.076in (1.93mm) minimum, to 1200in (30,480mm) maximum at steel velocity. Continuously variable.
Zero Offset (Probe Zero)0 - 999.999 us
Material Velocity TableContains longitudinal and shear velocities for a variety of material types
Log FormatsGrid (Alpha Numeric), or Sequential (Auto Identifier).
Capacity4 Gb internal & up to 64 Gb External SD slot.
Screen Capturebitmap graphic capture for quick documentation.
Custom Setups64 user configurations
Remote CommanderJava PC software allows remote display and control for training/presentation purposes, and custom system integration


Dakota Ultrasonics DFX-8 Flaw Detector and Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge- Data Sheet
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