PCWI Surface Profile Gauge No. 0918 / 1070

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PCWI Surface Profile Gauge No. 0918
Digital Surface Profile / Roughness Needle Gauge

PCWI Surface Profile Gauge No. 0918

The PCWI digital metric/imperial surface profile, or roughness, needle gauge is a low cost option for surface profile measurement.


Enables quick assessment of surface condition prior to coating.
It works on grit sand shot blasted and saw cut surfaces.
The small size (42 mm diameter) of this surface profile gauge makes it easy to use and easy to balance on the surface.
Its design permits accuracies equivalent to an electronic surface trace.
Gives maximum peak to average valley height.
Available with metric and imperial units.
This gauge can also measure the depth of pits, cracks, craters and scratches of the outer (and in some cases the inside) surfaces of steel structures, pipes and concrete.
We also have available pit and crack depth gauges.


Measuring Range:
0 - 13 mm (0 - 0.5")
0.001mm (0.00005")
Gauge face diameter:
42mm (1.65")
3V lithium button cell (CR2032)
Battery Life:
8 - 12 months
Working Temperature:
0 to +40C (32 to 104F)
Storage Temperature:
-10 to +60C (14 to 140F)
Relative Humidity:

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