Western Instruments N88-SPI Special Pipeline Inspectors Kit

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N88-SPI Special Pipeline Inspectors Kit

Pipeline Inspectors have learned to appreciate Western’s Pipeline Inspectors Kit (N88-PI) and the Pipeline Weld Supervisors Kit (N88-WS). Never the less, Pipeline Inspectors continue to demand greater versatility from Western’s Pit Gauge Kits. The latest need is to measure pipe edge alignment (Hi-Lo) with pipe clamps in place. Secondarily, inspectors want to measure undercut and weld reinforcement height where the coatings are closer to the pipe ends. These demands are satisfied with Western’s specialized Tubing Inspection Gauge, which was developed for meaning weld parameters on Aircraft hydraulic Lines. The Special Pipeline Inspectors Kit (N88-SPI) has evolved by replacing the Basic Pit Gauge Blade with the Tubing Inspection Gauge’s Blade.


  • Wood Carry Case (7½” x 5½” x 2”).
  • Dial Indicator (Imperial, Metric, or Digital).
  • Reaching Plus Blade (N88-6) – 6” Long.
  • Pocket Blade (N88-4) -1½” and Spot Blade.
  • Tubing Inspection Blade (N88-TI) – 2¼” long.
  • Allan Key.
  • Spare Contact Point.
  • Operator Instructions.

* The model illustrated is equipped with the Digital Upgrade (N88-SPI-D) and replaces the standard Imperial Model (N88-SPI) or the Metric model (N88-SPI-M).

No matter which Blade or Dial indicator is selected, they are all interchangeable and fit inside the Carrying Case.


Western Instruments N88-SPI Special Pipeline Inspectors Kit - Instruction Manual
Western Instruments Pit Gauges - Instruction Manual

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