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Hand-held Web Tension Sensor with Adjustable Measuring Geometry

Measures tension on paper and similar materials of any width

136-2-AMG Hand-held Web Tension Sensor
with Adjustable Measuring Geometry

The new Check-Line model 136-2-AMG hand-held web tension sensor measures tension on paper and similar materials of any width. Tension can be measured on any section of the web for comparitive and relative purposes, such as side-to-side, center-to-side or any area accross the web width.

This is the only tension meter available for hand-held portable use for measurement on paper webs. The sensor is typically supplied with the battery powered D-485 Digital Indicator which will show empirical values from 0-100 with a resolution of 1 unit, and provides auto-zero, peak-hold and averaging function.

reddot Adjustable Measuring Geometery

Adjustable Measuring Geometry is a critical feature needed to configure the 3 Roller tension meter for optimum measuring results on a variety of paper applications. A micrometer moves the center sensing roller up or down, adjusting the amount of resultant force. If the sensor roller is extended too far into the paper web it will disturb the web create force vectors that will cause inaccuracies in the tension reading.

reddot Features
bluedot Allows the user to develop a "tension profile" which greatly assists in the evaluation of web uniformity
bluedot Helical grooves in rollers stabilize the sensor even at high web speeds
bluedot Water-resistant design
bluedot High-precision ball-bearing mounted rollers
bluedot Sensor will not resonate, even when used on webs running at high speeds
bluedot High overload capacity
bluedot 136-2-PLR-AMG special version utilizes plastic construction wherever possible to minimize total weight of sensor for use on some thinner, low-tension fabrics, foils and films.

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bluedot Automatic zero setting

bluedot "Peak" function retains maximum reading on display


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bluedot  Provides 0-1 VDC analog output for recording purposes

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manual Honigmann 136-2-AMG Web Tension Sensor - Dimensional Drawing

reddot Specifications
Calibration CertificateOptional