Western Instruments N88-VI Vessel Inspectors Kit

Price: $690.00 to $825.00
N88-VI Vessel Inspectors Kit - includes Reaching Blade N88-5B, the Pocket Reversible Blade N88-4B and the Basic Blade N88-2B
As Western Instruments' Pit Gauge Product Series gains popularity, we are able to address various industry needs.

As Western’s Pit Gauge Product Series gains popularity, we are able to address various industry needs. When API Inspectors (510, 570, 653) see all of the different models of Pit Gauges we offer, they immediately want ‘one of each’! Unfortunately budget constrains take hold and he’s limited to pick and choose his components. Due to customer requests, we now offer the Vessel Inspectors Kit


  • Carry Case (7½” x 5½” x 2”).
  • Dial Indicator (Imperial, Metric, or Digital).
  • Reaching Blade (N88-5).
  • Pocket Blade (N88-4).
  • Basic Blade (N88-2).
  • Allan Key.
  • Spare Contact Point.
  • Operator Instructions.

No matter which Blade the Dial indicator is installed on, all the components will fit inside the rugged Carrying Case.

The Reaching Blade is 4 ¾” (121mm) long, so it will deal with most Weight-Loss- Corrosion we see in Vessels and Tanks. As an option, we can substitute a Reaching Magnetic Blade (N88-5M), with powerful magnets, or a longer Reaching Plus Blade (N88-6) which is 6” (152mm) long. In any case, the cut-away nose, at the end of all Reaching Blades, allows the Gauge to measure right up to a Weld, Riser, or Re-Pad.

The Basic Blade will most often have the Dial Indicator installed on it, as the Basic Pit Gauge is by far the most popular Dial Indicator Pit Depth Gauge we offer. As illustrated to the right, no matter the Configuration of assembly, everything still fits into the rugged custom made carrying case.

Specified by a Senior Vessel Inspector, the Pocket Pit Gauge allows inspection on complex curvatures, such as the Knuckle Area on Vessel Heads, and even pump housings and impellers. As the name suggests, the Pocket Pit Gauge conveniently fits in your pocket (but then again so does the Basic Pit Gauge).

If you’re a Pipeline Corrosion Inspector, don’t let the name throw you off, as we offer the Pipeline Inspectors Kit (N88-PI) which is very similar, but the Reaching Blade is replaced by the Reaching Plus Blade. Either of these Pressure Equipment (API) Kits are a good start point before moving up to one of our Bridging Pit Gauges. Our Stocking Distributors can save you a little money, and give you all the versatility you need for either Corrosion, Equipment, or Weld Inspection. Let us assemble an Inspection Kit for you today.


Western Instruments N88-VI Vessel Inspectors Kit - Instruction Manual
Western Instruments Pit Gauges - Instruction Manual

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