Imada HV-110 Hand Wheel Test Stand

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Imada HV-110 Hand Wheel Test Stand

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$1,411.00 - $2,425.00

    Product Description
    Imada HV-110 Hand Wheel Test Stand - Optional Distance Meter
    Force Gauge sold Separately
    110lb Capacity HV-110 - 220lb Capacity HV-220
    9" Maximum Travel - 16.5" Clearance (optional)

    Mark-10 HV-110 - Standard Model (110 Lb Capacity)
    Imada HV-110S - with Distance Meter
    Imada HV-110L - Extened Clearance, 16.5"
    Imada HV-220 - Standard Model (220 Lb Capacity)
    Imada HV-220S - with Distance Meter

    The Imada HV series vertical wheel operated force measurement test stands feature a compact design with several ranges, up to 750 lbf capacity. The hand wheel offers precise movement that is ideal for force measurement that requires relatively consistent speed and maximum gauge control. The rack and pinion design allows the force gauge to remain stationary when the wheel is released. The Imada HV series is very easy to use. Each rotation of the wheel will move the carriage of the test stand ~2mm.

    For details on the stroke and clearance click on the specifications tab. Add a standard mounting plate at the base, to attach a variety of gripping fixtures.

    The HV series test stands can accommodate any of the standard range Imada force gauges. The 750 lbf capacity stand accommodates high capacity Imada force gauges. AP-002 Adapter Plate is available to mount most other force gauges to Imada test stands.

    An optional digital distance meter is available on all models (add -S to the model number). Long column variations are available for HV-110 & HV-220 (add -L to the model number).

    Software is available to collect force and distance data from the force gauge and distance meter (force vs. distance).
    Designed to work with the DS2 & ZT force gauges.


    • Hand wheel design provides a high degree of precise control
    • Gauge remains in place when hand wheel is released
    • One stand for both compression (push) and tension (pull) tests
    • Optional digital distance meter
    • Standard Models feature a maximum clearance of 9 inches (228 mm)
    • Extened Clearance models feature a maximum clearance of 16.5 inches (419 mm), Option Code "-L"
    • 5" extension plate, optional


    Capacity 110lbs (50kg, 500N)
    Stroke HV-110 - 9" (228mm)
    HV-110L - 16.8" (426mm)
    Travel Rate 0.8" (2 mm) per revolution of hand wheel
    Dimensions Refer to dimensions above
    Weight Approx 25 lbs (10 Kg)
    Compatible Force Gauges Z2, ZP and DS2
    Warranty 2 years
    Distance Meter Resolution .01mm / .0005"
    *Note Optional Distance Meter Max Sampling Rate Output - 2 Samples Per Second

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    Imada HV-110 Manual Test Stand - Dimensional Drawing
    Imada HV-110 Manual Test Stand - Base Mounting Plate Drawing