Shimpo FGV-HXY High Capacity Digital Force Gauge

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Shimpo FGV-HXY High Capacity Digital Force Gauge

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$1,095.00 - $1,575.00

    Product Description
    Shimpo FGV-HXY High Capacity Digital Force Gauge with USB Output

    Reversible Keypad and Display

    1000 Hz Sample Rate, provides more accurate results
    NIST-Traceable Certificate of Calibration not included (sold separately)

    TheShimpo FGV-HXY High Capacity Digital Force Gauge offer an enhanced heavy-dutyhousing allowing them to be utilized in high capacity tension andcompression applications. These instruments are utilized in a variety ofapplications such as, incoming quality inspection, finished goodstesting, R&D or almost any portable or force stand testingrequirement.

    Models are available in 500 lb. or 1000 lb. ranges providing necessary performance for high capacity testing.

    The 180° reversible display combined with the adjustable force directionand dual labeled keypad enable these units to excel in both compressionand tension applications in any direction. FGV models possess onboardstatistical calculations provide fast access to maximum, minimum,average and standard deviation data. Models includes software and RS-232cable allowing further data analysis on a PC. The FGV-HXY’s 1,000 pointmemory allows for data exporting in real time or after testing iscomplete. In addition, the RS-232C, USB and analog outputs providemaximum communication flexibility.

    Kit Contents

    • Shimpo FGV-HXY High Capacity Digital Force Gauge
    • ACadapter/charger
    • 2 handles
    • metric thread to inch adapterand attachments (flat head, hook, chisel, notched head, cone head, extension rod)
    • USB cable
    • RS-232 cableincluded
    • Carrying case


    • 1000 Hz Sample Rate provides faster sampling producing better resolution and more accurate results
    • On board statistics provides immediate results and analysis of test data
    • Quick retrieval of peak measurement with a single push button in test stand
    • Operates using rechargeable battery or AC line voltage
    • User selection of engineering units (Lbs, Kf or Newtons) and User-set display update rate allows optimal setting for each type of test
    • Include built-in datalogger with 3 outputs: USB, RS-232 & Analog Output
    • 180° Reversible display and dual printed keypad allows usage as a portable gauge or mounted upside down on a test stand
    • Provide Built-In Hi-Lo Comparator function provides user with easy Go-No Go Testing
    • High-capacity rugged, ergonomic die cast aluminum construction allows usage on production floor
    • CE & RoHs Certified
    • Measure and record compression and tension tests. Permits true "push-pull" testing


    Accuracy ± 0.2% F.S.
    Display Four digit LCD, .47” high (12 mm) with various indicators includingtension and low battery indication (reversible) Minus sign for tension
    Display Update Rate 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 1 sec
    Sampling Rate 1000 Hz
    Average/Peak Mode Selectable
    Overload Capacity 150% of F.S.
    Power Rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries (included) or AC adapter/charger (included)
    Auto Power Shut-Off Yes (not active if adapter/charge is in use)
    Battery Charge 17 hours (when fully charged)
    Temperature Range 32° - 104°F (0° - 40°C)
    Dimensions 8.43" x 3.23" x 2.25" (214 x 82 x 57 mm)
    Product Weight Approx. 2 lb (900 g) for 500 lb range; 2.65 lb (1.20 kg) for 1000 lb range
    Package Weight Approx. 7.45 lb (3.38 kg) for 500 lb range; 8.25 lb (3.74 kg) for 1000 lb range
    Certification CE, RoHs

    Force Ranges

    FGV-500HXY500 lb
    250 kg
    25000 N
    0.1 lb
    0.1 kg
    1 N
    FGV-1000HXY1000 lb
    453.6 kg
    4448 N
    0.1 lb
    0.1 kg
    1 N


    Shimpo FGV-HXY High Capacity Digital Force Gauge - Instruction Manual

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