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Product Description
The DI-12-4 has been replaced by the DI-12-SL
Cedar DI-12-4 Yield Digital Torque Tester
Available in: lbf-in, ozf-in, Kgf-cm, N-cm and N-m (specify units when ordering)

DI-12 motorized torque tester is designed to find the actual yield tightening torque value for specific thread joints which consist of a variety of thread types, multi-layered material, hole sizes, etc.

The yield value is the point at which the torque angle is no longer linear. Once the yield tightening torque value is found, one can easily determine the proper tightening torque value.

DI-12 also captures the difficult-to-detect first peak dip in actual tightening torque of small screws. DI-12 provides a steady slow speed to capture the very small first peak dip and stops automatically to avoid over tightening.

Torque data can be continuously output via RS-232 enabling you to display a torque profile showing, peak down, yield, and destructive strength torque using data acquisition software.


  • Peak, Real Time and Yield measuring modes (selectable)
  • RS-232C output
  • Both CW and CCW Operation

Force Ranges

DI-12-SL40.30 – 35.00 lbf-in
DI-12-SL4oz3.0 – 560.0 ozf-in
DI-12-SL4kg0.30 – 40.00 kgf-cm
DI-12-SL4cN3.0 – 400.0 N-cm
DI-12-SL4N0.030 – 4.000 N-m


Auccracy±1% F.S., 1LSD
Display4 digit LCD Display
OperationBoth CW and CCW motorized rotation
Measurement ModesP-P: Displays PEAK Torque value that will not change until a higher value is measured.
T-R: Displays TRANSIENT torque values.
RG: Determines peak down and yield torque (CW only)
If a peak down torque value is detected, the green indicator will light, and tester rotation will stop automatically.
Test Start ValueStart of RG Mode can be set in 0.001 N-m increments.
RS-232 OutputContinuous (9600 baud) output in PP and RG measuring modes.
Auto-power-offAfter 5 minutes of non-use.
Drive1/4" Hex