Western Instruments WA-Series AC Magnetizing Coils

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AC & Only AC/DC Magnetizing Coils
3000 Amp Turns (AC Output) and 4000 Amp Turns (DC Output)
Light Weight & Comfortable to Hold
Built-in Switch (Optional Footswitch available)

Western Instruments WA-Series AC Magnetizing Coils were designed for Oil Country Tubular Goods Inspectors, with particular emphasis on Collars and other Bottom Hole Assemblies. However, these Coils 'pack enough punch' to make them suitable for numerous other industrial inspection applications. WA-Series Portable Magnetic Particle Testing Coils utilize our advanced Mechanical, Electrical, and Solid State Electronics designs and allows Western to offer them in both AC and AC/DC models. These advanced designs, which are similar to our W-Series Yokes, ensure the best quality product for excellent operator mobility and equipment longevity. The aluminum wire coil is precision wound using the most advanced techniques, to ensure the most homogeneous magnetic field possible. The wire core is cast in a hard wear resistant Urethane Rubber housing, which reduces impact to the core, for years of maintenance free operation. WA-Series coils are designed to be comfortable to hold, but are available with optional Cast Feet .

The Solid State Controls are completely contained in the Cast Urethane Rubber Housing located on the top of the coil. The activation switch is of sealed construction, has a grounded cover, and in turn is sealed with a Urethane Rubber membrane. The double seal switch system is designed for; operator safety; comfort; is very rugged; and is easily activated by the operators Thumb. All of the electrical and electronic components are mounted on the reverse side of the Control Housing Cover, making maintenance and service very convenient. While intended to be hand held, WA-Series Coils are available with options such as; a Foot Switch; Carrying Handle, and Cast Feet for Table Top use and to prevent the coil from rolling. Like all W-Series products, the Power Cord Strain Relief system is without question the most durable in the industry.

The WM-5C is our Cable Type Permanent Magnet Yoke. The Coated Cable allows a great deal of flexibility to easily permit maximum contact area between the Non-Ferrous contact surface and the workpiece. The Hand Grip is Ergonomically designed for operator comfort, with provisions for easy removal off the workpiece.

WA-Series Coils are available with two different Field Modules; the WAC-10 is equipped with an AC module; while the WAD-10 Coil is equipped with an AC/DC module. AC Fields are utilized for surface defects, while DC Fields provide Sub-surface sensitivity. The WAD-10 has infinitely variable pulsed DC output, as well as the AC mode. The AC/DC Selector Switch, and variable DC knob are mounted on the control housing cover. Now you can have far more versatility and reproducibility while using a Coil for inspection.

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  • AC & AC/DC Models
  • 3000 Ampere Turns AC Output
  • 4000 Ampere Turns AC Output
  • Light Weight
  • Comfortable to Hold
  • Urethane Rubber Encapsulant
  • Built in Switch (Optional Foot Switch)


  • Oilfield Tubulars
  • Fasteners, Automotive
  • Demagnetization
  • Aerospace, Weld Inspection
  • Pressure Equipment
  • Piping, Fabrication
  • Manufacturing, Maintenance



115 or 230 VAC(WAC-10K)

115 or 230 VAC (WAD-10K)
Frequency50 or 60Hz50 or 60Hz
Output AC3000 Amp Turns3000 Amp Turns
Output DC------4000 Amp Turns
Size10” ID (250mm)10” ID (250mm)
Current13 Amps13 Amps
Weight14.5 pounds (6.6kg)14.8 pounds (6.7kg)
*options: Cast Feet, Handle, Foot Switch, Cast Feet/Handles


Western Instruments WA-Series AC Magnetizing Coils - Data Sheet

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