Western Instruments N88-CI Cylinder Inspectors Kit

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N88-CI Cylinder Inspectors Kit - includes Reaching Plus Blade N88-6 and Pocket Reversible Blade N88-4
As Western Instruments' Pit Gauge Product Series gains popularity, we are able to address various industry needs.

As Western’s Pit Gauge Product Series gains popularity, we are able to address various industry needs. Pressurized Gas Cylinders are in daily use around the world, from Fire Extinguishers, Scuba Tanks, Industrial Gases, LPG (Cooking Gas), to Oxygen Cylinders used in Aircraft. These Gas Cylinders require regular inspections and recertification, which includes measurement of Pits, Gauges, and abrasion. In working with industry experts, a special kit has been developed to address the depth measurement of these outside surface areas, as the Cylinder Inspectors Kit.


  • Wooden Carry Case (7½” x 5½” x 2”)
  • Dial Indicator (Imperial, Metric, or Optional Digital)
  • Reaching Plus Blade (N88-6B)
  • Pocket Blade (N88-4B)
  • Allan Key, for adjustment
  • Spare Contact Point
  • Operator Instructions

The Reaching Plus Blade is 6” (152mm) long, so it will deal with most surface conditions encountered on the shell (or body) of a cylinder, as illustrated to the right. As an option, we can substitute a Reaching Plus Magnetic Blade (N88-6MB), with powerful magnets that hold the Reaching Plus Pit Gauge to the surface of Steel Cylinders. The cut-away nose, below the Indicator and at the end of all Reaching Blades, serves two purposes. First, it allows the operator to see the area being inspected, and secondly to allow measurements right up to Welds (LNG Tanks), or Reinforcing Pads

With the Dial indicator installed on The Pocket Blade, it is used for Inspecting areas with complex curvatures, such as the base or neck of the cylinder. The picture to the left, shows the Pocket Pit Gauge measuring the depth of the stamped identification lettering on the neck of a Nitrogen Cylinder. As the name suggests, the Pocket Pit Gauge conveniently fits in your pocket, unlike the Reaching Plus Pit Gauge.

Western Instruments has Stocking Distributors on every continent, so your inspection needs can be satisfied as quickly as possible. Let us assemble an Inspection Kit for you today.

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Western Instruments N88-CI Cylinder Inspectors Kit - Instruction Manual
Western Instruments Pit Gauges - Instruction Manual

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