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VF-3000 Ratio Pyrometer

VF-3000 Ratio Pyrometer

Price: $ 2,499.00
Optex Thermo-Hunter VF-3000

Optical Single and Two-Color Portable Ratio Pyrometer

Measuring Range:
Two-Color mode
600 to 2000ºC (1112ºF to 3632ºF)
Single color mode
400 to 3000ºC (752 to 5432ºF)

VF-3000 Ratio Pyrometer


  • Long Focus: 20/4000mm (D:S = 200:1)
  • Continuous Measurement Mode
  • Data Memory: Internal memory stores up to 100 points
  • Emissivity Adjustment: 0.100 to 1.900
  • Light Weight: 350g (12 oz)
  • Through-The-Lens Target Viewfinder
  • Quick response time: 200ms
  • Repeatability: ±1ºC (2ºF)
  • Hi/Lo Alarm


Measuring Range 2-Color: 600 - 2000ºC (1112ºF - 3632ºF)
Single Color: 400 - 3000ºC (752 - 5432ºF)
Field of View 20/4000mm (D:S = 200:1)
Sensing element Si / InGaAs
Measuring wavelength 0.9 / 1.55 µm
Response time 0.2s
Accuracy* Lower than 1000ºC (1832ºF): ±6ºC (11ºF)
1000 to 1500ºC (1832 to 2732ºF): ±0.6% of reading
1500 to 2000ºC (2732 to 3632ºF): ±1.2% of reading
Higher than 2000ºC (3632ºF): ±2.4% of reading
Repeatability ±1ºC (2ºF)
Temperature Drift Lower than 1000ºC (1832ºF): 0.2ºC/ºC (0.2ºF/ºF)
Higher than 1000ºC (1832ºF): 0.02%/ºC (0.01%/ºF) of
In the test environment required by EMC directives ±15ºC (±27ºF)
Resolution 1ºC (2ºF)
Emissivity Compensation 0.100 to 1.900
Measuring Modes Maximum, minimum, and average values
Signal Modulation Peak, delay
Display 4-Digit LCD display in viewfinder and external display
Data Memory Function Maximum 100 data
Optical System Fixed focus type
Targeting Through the lens viewfinder
Lens Diameter 20mm (0.8")
Other Functions Auto-power-off, automatic backlight, continuous measurement, ºC/ºF selection, battery check, Hi/Lo alarms
Ambient Temperature 0 to 50ºC (32 to 122ºF)
Power Supply 2 AA alkaline batteries, included (about 30 hours of continuous measurement)
Casing Material ABS resin
Dimensions 148 x 100 x 70mm (5.8" x 4" x 2.8")
Weight(incl. batteries) 350g (12 oz)


VF-3000 Ratio Pyrometer - Data Sheet

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