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0917 & 0923 Digital Pit & Crack Depth Gauges
Digital Pit, Crack & Corrosion Depth Gauges / Pipe Pit Gauges

The PCWI Pit Gauges digital metric/imperial pit depth gauge measures the depth of pits, cracks, scratches, corrosion and craters on the external, and in some case the internal, surfaces of steel structures, pipes and concrete.

The PCWI Pit & Crack Depth Gauge Kit includes gauge, carrying case, glass mirror sample, mini allen wrench, spare battery and instructions.

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  • Enables quick assessment of surface condition.
  • The slender tip allows for the depth measurement of narrow cracks and corrosion.
  • This is an essential gauge for the corrosion industry, pipeline layers and coaters, enabling them to make quick assessments of the condition of pipework during rehabilitation.
  • The PCWI Pit & Crack Depth Gauges are available with a 55mm (2-3/16") or 125mm (5") wide blades, part numbers 0917 and 0923, respectively.
  • The extended 125mm wide blade enables measurement of heavily pitted work. The dial indicator can be repositioned to the end for easy measurement of corners.
  • Available with metric and imperial units.
  • We also have available a digital surface profile gauge

The pit and crack depth gauge No. 0923 with 125mm (5") wide foot blade allows the dial indicator to be repositioned to the end for easy measurement of corners.


Measuring Range 0 - 12.7mm (0 - 0.5")
Resolution 0.01mm (0.0005")
Blade (foot) widthn 0917 - 55mm (2-3/16")
n 0923 - 125mm (5")
Gauge face diameter 55mm (2.165")
Power 1.55V silver oxide battery (SR44)
Battery Life 8 - 12 months
Working Temperature0 to +40C (32 to 104F)
Storage Temperature-10 to +60C (14 to 140F)
Relative Humidity <80%
Response speed 350mm/sec


PCWI Digital Pit Gauges Instruction Manual