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WC-9 Cordless Magnetic Yoke

WC-9 Cordless Magnetic Yoke

Price: $ 935.00
Compact Cordless Yoke
Complete Mobility
Light weight, Comfortable ergonomic grip, Grounded switch, Powerful lift, Urethane rubber encapsulation
Optional UL/CSA Approval

The WC-9 Cordless Yoke represents one of the greatest technical advancements in the Portable Magnetic particle Testing Equipment Industry. It offers total operator mobility. Western Instruments' WC-9 is the only Cordless Yoke in the world.

The WC-9 uses the basic Western Instruments WC-Series Platform. This Platform design is similar to our standard W-Series Platforms, but far more compact. This construction versatility is possible through our advanced Mechanical, Electrical, and Solid State Electronics designs. These designs permit the WC-Series to use our standard low profile sealed membrane activation switch, continuing our philosophy for operator safety, as the switch has a grounding provision and conducts less than Watt of power. The urethane rubber housing provides superior durability in rugged environments.

The ergonomically designed housing combined with its light weight, reduces operator fatigue and strain permitting better and longer inspections. The compact design allows the WC-9 to fit into confined spaces better than our full size W-Series Models. Combined with our Universal Articulating Pole Pieces, so the WC-9 can fit almost any configuration of work piece. All W-Series Yokes have more height between the operator's hand and the work piece, which means faster inspection due to a larger view of the target area.

The WC-9 represents one of the greatest technical advancements, in the Portable Magnetic Particle Testing Equipment Industry, with total operator mobility. The WC-9 draws 0.5 Amps, so the 13.2 Volt Battery (1.5 Amp Hours) provides a full 2 hours of continuous operation, translating (*) into a typical working day for most operators. The individual cells of the WC-9's Battery Pack are not 'potted', so the Pack can be rebuilt.

The WC-9 meets industry specifications, lifting 50 Pounds (23Kg), for DC Yokes, however the Pulsing DC Field (125Hz) provides better particle mobility than Full Wave DC fields. The WC-9 is supplied with an Battery Voltage Meter, to ensure Lift Capacity

The WC-9 is designed for operation in Class I, Division 2 Environments, however battery testing and charging is done in a 'safe zone'. Western Instruments Cordless Yokes (WC-9, W-9) are the only Yokes of their type in the World!

*Based on Western Instruments Battery Duration Tests.

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  • Complete Mobility
  • Compact
  • Light Weight
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Grip
  • Grounded Switch
  • Powerful Lift
  • Urethane Rubber Encapsulant
  • Optional UL/CSA Approval


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Weld Inspection
  • Pressure Equipment
  • Piping
  • Fabrication
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance


Model WC-9
Voltage Battery -13.2 VDC
-115VAC, 50-60Hz
Amperage Yoke - 0.5 Amps @ 13.2 VDC
- 0.2 Amps @ 115VAC
Capacity 0 to 11” (280mm)
Lift 50 Pounds (23Kg) Min
Weight 7.8 Pounds (3.5Kg)

*Export Units supplied with 115 to 230 VAC Converter


WC-9 Cordless Magnetic Yoke - Data Sheet
WC-9 Cordless Magnetic Yoke - Instruction Manual

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  • WC-9 Cordless Magnetic Yoke
  • WC-9 Cordless Magnetic Yoke
  • WC-9 Cordless Magnetic Yoke
  • WC-9 Cordless Magnetic Yoke