Checkline LS-36-LED 36 Inch LED Inspection Stroboscope A6-10210 / RT 10000 LED

Price: $5,495.00
480 Hi-powered LEDs produces peak brightness of 14,000 Lux

LED Inspection Stroboscope, 36 Inch Width covers web widths up to 48" (1200mm) and wider

Flash rates up to 120,000 fpm (2000 Hz) for even the highest speed applications
Adjustable brightness and image sharpness allows optimal setting for each application

High-performance fixed-mount LED-stroboscope with powerful light output and homogenous illumination for XXL-web width

The new CHECK-LINE model LS-36-LED Linear Strobe is designed for fixed-mounting on a wide variety of machinery and for various visual inspection tasks. It utilizes 480 high-performance LEDs arranged in a 60 x 8 array to produce a bright/sharp image with a uniform light distribution for web widths up to 47" (1200mm) and wider. For wider coverage, two (2) or more Strobes can be combined in a Master/Slave arrangements using an interconnect cable to transfer the trigger signal from one to the other for perfect synchronization.

The LS-36-LED uses the industries latest high performance LEDs to provide lifetime use, never requiring replacement. Their whisper-quiet operation and superb light intensity and uniformity make this linear stroboscope suitable for use in the toughest production environments and for a wide range of measurement, observation and inspection functions. Typical applications include those in the printing, steel processing and label-printing industries.

High Light Output: Due to the configuration with 480 highperfomance LEDs, the LS-36-LED offers a powerful light intensity. The large, homogeneous illumination surface delivers superb results even at difficult light conditions, making the LS-36-LED suitable for a very wide range of measurement, observation and inspection functions. It is especially suitable for demanding applications, such as those in the printing industry.

High Focus: With an adjustable flash duration from 1–1000 µseconds, you will easily find the best combination between light intensity and sharp images for every application.

Flexible Adjustment For All Applications: The stroboscope can be controlled directly by the trigger signal of your system without the need for additional control units or by various control devices. When using these trigger options simultaneously, you can easily alternate between the signal inputs by using the switch on the reverse side of the device.

Additional Control Options: There are two options for varying the control of the LS-36-LED:

  • LS-FCM: a simple and inexpensive unit for controlling flash frequency. You simply insert this small control unit into one of the sockets on the reverse side of the device.
  • LS-SCU: for adjusting the flash frequency, phase shift, delay time and trigger divider. This unit is connected to the stroboscope by cable and provides the convenience of remote control even if the stroboscope within your machine is difficult to access.


  • Light intensity of 14,000 Lux
  • LEDs provide lifetime use and never require replacement.
  • Extremely bright homogenous and large area illumination for web widths up to 47" (1200mm) and wider.
  • For web widths greater than 47" (1200mm), two or more strobes can be connected in parallel.
  • Includes Universal Power Supply
  • Flash rates up to 120,000 fpm (2000 Hz) for high-speed applications.
  • Adjustable light intensity and sharpness.

Light Output (LUX) vs Distance

Overview of LCD Strobe Models

ModelLEDsArray SizeBrightness (peak)Housing WidthPrice (US$)
LS-5-LED8010 x 86000 Lux150 mm (6 inch)1295
LS-9-LED12015 x 87500 Lux230 mm (9 inch)1995
LS-9-LED-WB1205 x 8 (3x)7500 Lux440 mm (17 inch)2395
LS-18-LED20025 x 89000 Lux440 mm (17 inch)2995
LS-36-LED48060 x 814000 Lux948 mm (37 inch)6995


Frequency Range0 - 120,000 FPM (flashes per minute)
Power Required18 - 28 V DC / 3.0A (72 Watts)
Universal AC power supply sold separately, pn LS-AC-WORLD
External Trigger Input3 - 30 V / max. 5 mA
Potential-free optocoupler
DIN 41524 5-pin standard plug
Uout = Uin, max. 200 mA
Switchable trigger input
Trigger OutputFor parallel connection
Light Intensity/SharpnessAdjustable
Light Intensity Single Flashapprox. 1.4 Mega-Lux / 30 cm / 12"
Light Intensity14,00 Lux / 30 cm / 12"
Illumination Area30 x > 100 cm / 12 x > 40"
Flash colourapprox. 5,000 - 8,300 K
Housing MaterialAluminium
Dimensions373.2" x 5.1" x 4.4" (948 mm x 130 mm x 112 mm)
Weight9.2 lbs (4,200 g)
Ambient Temperature0 - 40 °C (32 - 104 °F)
Storage Temperature-25 - 70 °C (-13 - 158 °F)
Humiditymax. 95% not condensing
CertificationsCertificate of CE conformity

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Checkline LS-36-LED Fixed-Mount Inspection Stroboscope - 480 LEDs - Instruction Manual
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