Leak Detectors


  • LDT Ultrasonic Leak Detector

    LDT Ultrasonic Leak Detector
    Price: $ 925.00
    Ultrasonic Leak Detector designed for locating leakages in compressed-air systems, valves, fittings, steam pipelines etc.
    Measuring Range: Leaks larger than 0.1 mm ?
  • PosiTest AIR Leak Tester

    PosiTest AIR Leak Tester
    Price: $ 2,595.00
    The PosiTest AIR Leak Tester quickly and easily detects air and water leaks in building envelopes and rigid air barrier systems
    Ideal for testing penetrations (fasteners, masonry ties, etc.) and continuity of joints and seams in rigid air barrier systems
    Manufacturer: Checkline