Product Description

G.A.L. Gage Co. GAL-12Med Welders, CWI Inspectors, Instructors Medium Tool Kit Cat # 12Med
Measurement Scale: Inch or Metric

Welders, CWI Inspectors, Instructors - GAL-12

Specify the tools you need from our catalog to suit your particular needs and we'll put them in kit form with your own personalized nameplates.

Tool Kit
Measures: 13" X 8" X 3"
Tools Included:
V-WAC Gage*, Magnifier, AWS Type Gauge*,
Hi-Lo Gauge, Micrometer w/ Ball*,
Telescoping Mirror & 6" SPI Scale*

(*) Measurement Scale: Inch or Metric
NOTE: These are top of the line measuring tools! Prices can vary depending on the tools required.