Belt Tension Meter

The new BTM-400PLUS Belt Tension Meter accurately measures the static tension of flat, V and ribbed belts of rubber, leather, fabric and composite materials by measuring the natural frequency (Hz) of a segment of the belt that has been tapped and then converting it into tension units of newtons (N) or pounds force (lbf).

  • BTM-400PLUS Belt Tension Meter / Trummeter

    BTM-400PLUS Belt Tension Meter / Trummeter
    Price: $795.00
    The BTM-400PLUS Belt Tension Meter, Trummeter or Tensiometer also called a Sonic Tension MeterIncludes two (2) separate Sensors – a plug-in type for one-handed operation and a cable-connected type for measuring belts with limited access space
    Displays tension in hertz or newtons
    Compact easy-to-use design
  • BTM-TTC Belt Tension Meter

    BTM-TTC Belt Tension Meter
    Price $595.00
    Measuring with the natural frequency (Hz)
    Compact easy-to-use design
    Belt Tension Meter