Horiba PA-1100 Environmental Radiation Monitor

Price: $ 2,100.00
The Advanced envionmental radiation monitor with communication tools and expanded measurement ranges
The PA-1100 is a communications-capable model in HORIBA's envionmental radiation monitor "Radi" series

The Horiba PA-1100 Environmental Radiation Monitor simply measures a fair amount of radiation which exists around the regular living area. Equipped with Bluethooth and USB communication, PA-1100 is capable of transfering measurement data to PCs, smart phones, or other devices.


  • Communication tools facilitate daily data management

【Bluetooth®】The GPS data (dima and location) of the portable device and the radiation amount that PA-1100 acquires can be recorded.


【USB】 Continuous monitoring of doses is available by collecting data transfered from USB into a PC.

  • Expanded measurement ranges
  • Data imported by connection between PA-1100 and Android device displays in sorted colors in a map
    Valid only PC with internet connection

Mapping Software

How to use maping software


Detection Method

Scintillation method

Type of radiation measured

Gamma (γ) rays

Measurement range and display

0.001~9.999, 10.00~19.99 µSv/h
Digital 4 digit display automatic switching


Count of 1000 or more per minute when Cs-137 is 1µSv/h

Relative indication error

Within ±10% (error relative to the reference value of Cs-137)

Variation in indicating value

Vriation coefficient less than 0.1

Mesurement energy range

150keV to 1.25MeV or higher

Energy Characteristics

0.5~3 (response ratio at 150 keV to MeV when Cs-37 is 1)

Sampling time

60 seconds

Power supply

1.5V 2 AA batteries (manganese or alkaline batteries)

Display update interval

10 seconds (display every 10 second of moving average in 60 seconds)


68(W) x 28(D) x 121(L) mm
Approx. 2.68(W) x 1.10(D) x 4.76(L) in.


175g(batteries and strap not included)
Approx. 6.17 oz.

Bluetooth communications

Dose equivalen rate (µSv/h) data is output via Bluetooth communications.
Bluetooth version 2.1+EDR and Serial Port Profile are supported.

Operaiting environment of communications terminal

  • Supported operating systems: Andoid version 2.2 or later (Japanese or English)
  • Bluetooth (serial port profile must be supported)
    • A SD card must be mounted

USB communications

Dose equivalent rage(µSv/h) date is output via the suplied USB cable.
Operating envrionment of communications terminal

  • Supported operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit), Japanese

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