Paint Test Equipment Gloss Meter

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Gloss Meter

The Paint Teste Equipment Gloss Meter is essential where an aesthetic appearance of the coating finish is required and to ensure uniformity of the surface finish.
Available model: 20°/60°.

The Gloss Meter uses superior tungsten halogen lamp technology to create a light source that has a true human photo-optic ISO Standard performance. Optical bench accuracy is obtained by the optics being mounted in a precision-engineered aluminium block.

Available in models of Standard and Top. All functions are easily accessible through a menu-driven back-lit display. Standard Models have Calibration, Statistics and limits functions. Top Models have all the functions of the Standard Model plus Batching and Download.

Supplied in an industrial Carrying Case with Gloss Tile and Charger. Top Models are supplied with and Download Software and Cable. Calibration Certificates with traceability to BAM are an optional extra.

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 Standard Model
CalibrationCalibrate on the supplied Gloss Tile or any other value Gloss Tile
StatistcsShows Mean, Number of Readings, Max/Min, Coefficient of Variation and Standard Deviation
LimitsPass and fail with audible and visual alarm
Top ModelAll the functions of the Standard Model plus the following:
BatchingStore measurements into batches with batch number, job number and Date / Time
DownloadDownload measurements into Microsoft Word or Excel
CompliantISO 2813
Measurement accuracy±1%


Paint Teste Equipment G1060 Gloss Meter - Data Sheet

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