Alluris TMI-300 Digital Torque Meter with USB Output

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With additional storage capability, peak detection for screw caps with tamper evident ring, and external USB storage in CSV data format

Alluris TMI-300 Digital Torque Meter with USB Output are employed for quality control in industrial sectors and laboratories. The robust measuring cell combines high accuracy with a very high overload protection, and it functions bidirectional.

Thus, torque into both directions can be collected. The measurement values are shown in the central display alternatively in line with the SI system in newton-meter, newton-centimeter, or in the derivative units of weight.

In order to detect accurate and reproducible peak values during the course of rotation 1000 measurement values are collected per second. During a measurement, actual values and the respective peak value can be displayed alternatively. The instrument possesses a data memory, in which up to 1000 single values can be stored and statistically evaluated.

The TMI-300 model offers a very good cost/performance ratio; its major advantage is its simple and safe application while being highly accurate at the same time.


  • Positive/negative idication through colored LEDs
  • High accuracy of 0.5% and accurate recording of peak value under 1000Hz
  • Robust, stable and splashwaterproof (IP42)
  • Accurate recording of torque with fast memory for sealings with tamper evident ring
  • Data output to printer and USB flash drive

Torque Ranges

TMI-300B20 - 2 N-m0.001 N-m
TMI-300B50 - 5 N-m0.001 N-m
TMI-300C10 - 10 N-m0.01 N-m


Measuring principleStain gauge with 12-bit D/A converter
Modes of operationStandard: Display of actual value in N-m and N-cm
CW/CCW Rotation: Display of peak value in N-m and N-cm
Accuracy@ 23°C (F.S.): +/- 0.5% (+/- 1/2 digit)
Tk (absolute): Automatic alignment at startup
Tk (relativ): +/- 0.02% (°K)
DisplayLCD, 4 digits, 12mm high with side-display of 7mm
Memory1000 Measurements
PowerInternal NiMH battery, Universal charging device 100 - 240VDC (50Hz)
Temerature Range0-40°C (-10-50°C, store dry)
Weight17 lbs (8 kg)
Dimensions14 x 8 x 4 in(370 x 210 x 120 mm)
Housing MaterialAluminium casting, protective PS casing, IP 42 (splash water protection)


Alluris TMI-300 Digital Torque Meter with USB Output - Instruction Manual

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