Tramex Meters App - Visualizing, Photographing and Geo-tagging

Visualize and Report Readings

The Tramex Meters App enables you to better visualise live readings and report data from all your Tramex Bluetooth devices.

It is compatible with the Tramex 5-series moisture meters:

Tramex Feedback DataLoggers :

The Tramex Meters App & Tramex 5-Series Moisture Meters

Visualizing, photographing and Geo-tagging your meter readings:

On pairing any of your Tramex 5-series moisture meters to the Tramex Meters App, the meter name will appear on the screen of your phone or tablet. For the Moisture Encounter 5 - ME5, for example, tap on the meter information on your App screen to make the readings appear larger on the App device. An extension handle is available for the 5-series meters, to reach those out of reach places. The larger readings on the App allow for easy visualization of the readings when using the extension handle.

You can also take a photograph of the meter in the testing location. The photo shows the readings displayed on the bottom left hand corner of the screen and will be time-stamped by your device. It is possible to Geo-tag the image, providing vital supportive documentary evidence for your moisture measurements and readings. The same features are available for the Concrete Moisture Encounters - CME5 and CMEX5: enlarged visualisation of non-destructive %MC readings from the meter when on the extension handle; photographic and geo-tagged documentary evidence of your concrete moisture measurements.

The Concrete Moisture Encounter X5 - CMEX5 hasa built-in ambient sensor. The Relative Humidity , temperature, dew-point and humidity ratio data all appear on the App screen. Thermal Conditions Chart and Psychrometric Chart are also available for this meter. An external Hygro-i2® RH probe can be attached for in-situ readings, which are also visible on the App screen along with the ambient readings of the built-in RH sensor. Narrow RH probes are available for taking readings in small or tight air spaces. When attaching a Tramex external Pin-probe, the pin readings are displayed on the App. The CMEX5 and App incorporate a selection of over 500 different wood species. There are 25 wood presets programmed in the CMEX5, these presets can be replaced with species chosen from the App.

Many more features will be added in due course.

The Tramex Meters App & Tramex Feedback Datalogger

The Feedback Dataloggers models DL-RHTA and DL-RHTX are equipped with an ambient sensor and plug-in ports for a Contact Temperature Probe. The DL-RHTX also features a plug-in port for an external Hygro-i2® RH probe. Once connected to the Tramex Meters App, ambient DataLogger readings will be shown on the screen of your device. In addition, you can also view a Thermal Condition Chart and a Psychrometric chart. These charts are also available for the external Hygro-i2® RH probe. This allows for visible and recordable data for both ambient and in-situ conditions to be documented.

Many more features will be added in due course.

Note: For logging with the Feedback Datalogger use the Tramex Feedback Datalogger App. The Tramex Meters App will soon be updated to include the logging feature.