VF-3000 Ratio Pyrometer

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Optex Thermo-Hunter VF-3000
Optical Single and Two-Color Portable Ratio Pyrometer
Measuring Range:
Two-Color mode
600 to 2000C (1112F to 3632F)
Single color mode
400 to 3000C (752 to 5432F)

VF-3000 Ratio Pyrometer


Long Focus: 20/4000mm (D:S = 200:1)
Through-The-Lens Target Viewfinder
Continuous Measurement Mode
Quick response time: 200ms
Data Memory: Internal memory stores up to 100 points
Repeatability: 1C (2F)
Emissivity Adjustment: 0.100 to 1.900
Hi/Lo Alarm
Light Weight: 350g (12 oz)


Measuring Range
2-Color: 600 - 2000C (1112F - 3632F)
Single Color: 400 - 3000C (752 - 5432F)
Field of View
20/4000mm (D:S = 200:1)
Sensing element
Si / InGaAs
Measuring wavelength
0.9 / 1.55 m
Response time
Lower than 1000C (1832F): 6C (11F)
1000 to 1500C (1832 to 2732F): 0.6% of reading
1500 to 2000C (2732 to 3632F): 1.2% of reading
Higher than 2000C (3632F): 2.4% of reading
1C (2F)
- Temperature Drift
Lower than 1000C (1832F): 0.2C/C (0.2F/F)
Higher than 1000C (1832F): 0.02%/C (0.01%/F) of
- In the test environment required by EMC directives
15C (27F)
1C (2F)
Emissivity Compensation
0.100 to 1.900
Measuring Modes
Maximum, minimum, and average values
Signal Modulation
Peak, delay
4-Digit LCD display in viewfinder and external display
Data Memory Function
Maximum 100 data
Optical System
Fixed focus type
Through the lens viewfinder
Lens Diameter
20mm (0.8")
Other Functions
Auto-power-off, automatic backlight, continuous
measurement, C/F selection, battery check, Hi/Lo alarms
Ambient Temperature
0 to 50C (32 to 122F)
Power Supply
2 AA alkaline batteries, included (about 30 hours of
continuous measurement)
Casing Material
ABS resin
148 x 100 x 70mm (5.8" x 4" x 2.8")
Weight(incl. batteries)
350g (12 oz)
*Reference operating conditions: at emissivity=1, 23C 5C (73F 9F), relative humidity: 35 to 75% RH


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